"Software review for Audacity"
There are many audio editor softwares out the internet right now but finding the right tool for audio editing is not easy to find. beside of downloading other audio editor and experminting it,
 Here I recommend you audacity audio editing software.
Audacity has leaped to the top of my list with its clean interface, excellent features, and supports  32-bit floating audios.

Audacity succeeds at being both feature-rich and flexible, while keeping the toolbar and work space uncluttered. It does this by relegating most functions-such as effects, edits, and project managenent.

Audacity also supports uncompressed audio standards such as WAV and AIFF in addition to OGG and MP3 files. A full complement of basic effects such plgin Architecture (LAPSDA), and Nyquist plu-ins also available if you're looking to expand. Another eye-catching feature is the Beat Analyzer, which helps you peg the beats per minute of a phrase.
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Audacity can also be installed on any operating system like LINUX, BSD, MAC OS, and Windows.
if you think this is the right audio editing software for you
u can go to this link to download it: :;1

I also include here a video toturials to show how to use Audacity video recording This video shows how to
Download the program and the LAME mp3 encoder:

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