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How to install windows XP - SP3 on your laptop or PC, Installing Windows XP on your PC is quite easy as often. but need an intermmediate understanding 
on software installations. other wise you wont be able to understand what you were
doing. it's just like you've been  repeating this routine several times for an hour without idea why the the program stallation always restarting and repeats it boot  interface, just like what I did in my first installation,.
Maybe some persons knows the basic installation of this program, but how about those who
were new on this field?, those who want to learn without knowing where to start, 

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There's a lot of information around the search engines, all over the world wide webs regarding  on how to setup your PC to its maximum capacity on a safe and easy way, there are some softwares available and can be downloaded from the web for free without any revenue to the publisher,
But have you think what are the benifits in downloading those softwares?, exactly the point is how long you could use it  and how far could it do to maximize your PC indeed for the performance you've expected.

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How to Setup Remote Desktop - Windows 7

Curious about remoting your Desktop? I made this guide here to share to my fellow novices my ideas about Setting up Romote Desktop windows 7 . This guide will help you how to process your windows 7 computer to handle Incoming Remote Desktop Connections from authenticated users and how to connect to a remote computer. lets proceed to the 1st step.

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Hirens Boot CD is a bootable software that contains some multiple diagnostic programs such as Disk cloning and data recovery tools etc. As for my own experience of using this program it really helps me with it's some utilities. and some features also includes Bios tools, MBR tools,l and system performance benchmarks and other fixing methods.Hiren's BootCD is available as an ISO image zipped together with other information, The image file can be burned to a CD or to a USB flash Drive for used on computers that support booting from is programmed to run microsoft windows and linux. How to install Hirens Boot CD?. it comes as easy to install by automatically boots right after you restart your computer. now im giving you the full list of utilities included in the latest version of the boot CD.
For more information and software features click Hiren's BootCD also available for downloading,.

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Is a disk imaging software usually used for backups and PC recovery solution it was developed by ACRONIS and waslaunched at the market at year 2002.
Acronis True Image Home 2012 was created to protects your PC with just a click a head it allows you to recover your system from viruses, failed hard drives even on a serious problems. how it works? it creates an instantly accurate copy of your PC and restore it even from a major problem in less than a minute with just a single click, And also it can back up your important files media and etc. and recover them from a easy solution.