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How to install windows XP - SP3 on your laptop or PC, Installing Windows XP on your PC is quite easy as often. but need an intermmediate understanding 
on software installations. other wise you wont be able to understand what you were
doing. it's just like you've been  repeating this routine several times for an hour without idea why the the program stallation always restarting and repeats it boot  interface, just like what I did in my first installation,.
Maybe some persons knows the basic installation of this program, but how about those who
were new on this field?, those who want to learn without knowing where to start, 

do they deserve to be teached? or should we say no I dont want to teach make youre own move if you wanna learn,.  Haha,. After hearing those words you feel disapoint right?.it feels like youre going to punch his mouth for saying that, but theres nothing to be worried about were you gonna find some information, because today I will write down all you have to do in youre first Installation,.
In here i will teach you how to install windows XP -SP3 on your PC, but take note this toturial that im gonna share with you  is capable to anytypes of PC mostly to windows based hardware you know what i mean,
First you need to have a bootable windows XP - SP3 operating system already burned on a CD,if you dont have one, You better start looking for download on the Internet there are some crack's availavle and can be  download for free. After you have your Installer lets proceed to the first step.
The first step is you need to change your boot settings by entering the BIOS (Basic Input Output Settings),
Then change its setting from the "Boot tab" first boot your "Internal DVD room" lining up in second is your "Hard Drive" take note the "DVD room" must always on the first line follow up with your hard drive in order to process your installer first,because if its'not it will directs you to the second boot,
then after changing the settings you have to saved it by pressing f10 then select yes.
the windows will restart automatically just wait for a few seconds cause the PC determines your installer, then as you could the Installation Interface been displayed 

requires you to press any key to continue the set up,. after wards press any keys to proceed to the next step,
Then just wait till your PC determines the Windows Installer,. to make the story shorter,
Windows XP - required you to press f8 to agreed the software agreement, in that case you have to follow what's the instruction in order to proceed to the next session, 

This time lets proceed to the 3rd step which is setting up  windowx XP  in your PC,. 

as you could see there are some instrutions you can follow that step.
Continue the installation by pressing "Enter" to continue ,
after this the device shows you how mmuch disk partisions you have in your PC,.
so its up to you whether you choose to partision your drives or not, but for me I rather do partions in order to 
have backup storage on my PC, as I said its up to you,

In below you could see some choices that includes "Enter=Install" , "D=Delete parition" , and "F3=quit"

I should mention there function if you want to setup a new cleaned formatted Windows you rather choose the "Delete partision"
then after deleting your partisions you can create again a new fully cleaned partision the same time,. by pressing the "Create button=C" which required values to enter how much drive spaces you want to add in this partision so i refered to enter the maximum value of your drive,.
lets proceed to the installation after the partition was created you need to install the Windows XP - on the System by pressing the installation key then to you need 
to select the "FORMAT THE PARTITION TO NTFS FILE SYSTEM" then select I"Install" then wait for the Installation process to finished your device will required a 
after the installation restard the installation wizard will take you through to the real interface of windows XP -
but this time again you need to set it up,But there are instruction provided on how to set up your windows intacted with the Microsoft just read those instruction to finish your installation other wise you wont be able to finished installing it,. 
Its been a long way for me to master this steps when i was starting to explore the world of Computers

I hope this toturial could help thanks for reading,..

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