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There's a lot of information around the search engines, all over the world wide webs regarding  on how to setup your PC to its maximum capacity on a safe and easy way, there are some softwares available and can be downloaded from the web for free without any revenue to the publisher,
But have you think what are the benifits in downloading those softwares?, exactly the point is how long you could use it  and how far could it do to maximize your PC indeed for the performance you've expected.

For me I dont expect more to that because the application that we downloaded are free versions more likely on promoting 
trends which you does is have a very interesting commercial to attract buyers and visitors, and some other Blah Blah Blah!, etc, etc, etc,.
But Comparing reality to imagination it is more likely,  
to a company that offers a trial version of there products in order for you to test it's capable performace, with an incomplete tools. And so on if you like there products you'll be intended to get the full version. but in that case you have to pay for it, see it such a waste of money, but its all depend on a person who don't know how to maximize there PC performance. I did not say not to trust those Promoters. but infact im just sharing this for the sake of the it continues.
after a few year's of using there product they will require you to renew there software to get new updates and new feature for the aditional tools that will be added, cleaver isnt it? So far on my concern, it such as waste on buying those application if you could do it all by your self. I did not write this article to confront you, or im not saying not to trust those softwares.but infact im just encouraging you to improve your skills by not using any of those applications.
In this toturial I will teach you how to manually tweak your Pc to Improve its performance by following this few steps,.
The first thing you should do is press "Window key + R" to open up "Run" then type the keyword "msconfig", 
after that press "Boot tab" on the top then select "Advanced Option". Then as you could see the number of processor that works on the your PC appeard as 1 to so were gonna change it to maximum value, then check the number of processor to change its value to maximum, in this way the CPU processing was converted into doble,then hit ok after changing. 
then proceed to 2nd step: by clicking up "services" on the the of system configurtion tab, then checked the box below to hide all "Microsoft Services" in this case you can unchecked the application that you dont want to exist or you dont want to be processed each time your PC starts up, then proceed to "startup"
same thing as you do on the "Services" tab, unchecked all the application that you dont want to be processed.
after you finish following these steps press "ok" to finish the 1st & 2nd step. after this the computer will required to restart click restart know to restart.
when your pc start up you could noticed that it become faster than the last time your PC startup.
proceed to the 3rd step - Right click my Computer then Select properties then go to "Advance System Settings" in this case we will optimize the performance of your PC by selecting the "Advanced tab" then hit "Settings" below the performance. there are choices in Visual effects so we rather choose "Adjust for best performance", hit ok to finish the third step.
lets proceed to the 4th step again press "Window key + R" then type in regedit,. now we will set the time interval of your operating system for a faster shudown.
expand "HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE" + "SYSTEM" + "ControlSet1 + "Control" then doble click "Wait to kill service Timeout" 
to change the value of data, so its up to you to put your desired Value Data,
Same thing to do on "Controlset2.
after editing registry. we now proceed to the uninstallation of your unnecessary files
at the "control panel" you should hit uninstall a program" on the Programs then  uninstall unnecessary and useful applications. in this way we could help our PC to not be depressed that is why we uninstall some of the applications,
then lets go to disk clean up and disk defrag,
hit disk clean up to clean your diskdrives and diskdeframenter to defrag your drives in this case it will repair your disk drive's and recover badsector's,. 
I recommend to a weekly maintenance on your Pc in order to maintain its performance.
on the next review I will post some trend on how to speed up your network manually..
thanks for reading..

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