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Photoscape"Software Review of Photoscape"
Photoscape is a freeware image editor software usually used for photo was developed by MOOII tech, Korea
this software allow users to easily edit photographs taken from their digital cameras and mobile phones. photoscape is a simple interface that can perform a common photo enhacement including color adjustment,cutting and resizing,even in GIF animation.

photo scape includes this list of features:
photoviewer - photo viewer allow users to browse and organize there photos basically.
Photo Editor - photo scape also includes a photo viewer application that contains many kind of enhancement for the user can edit there photos basically.

Photo Batch Editor - it process multiple photos in one, users can also rename multiple photos at once.
Page Creator - can also joins a multiple images into poster and merge theme in to a single page into one final phot
GIF Animation- where you  can make multiple images into GIF animated images in a simple steps
Featured Printer - it also print photos for a particular occasions, such as Passport photos or lined page such as graph, Calendar of music paper
Screen Capture - it allows user to capture there monitor screen into a image file by pressing Capture Screen button.
Color Picker - it also feature a color picking from screen pixel.
RAW Converter - it allows users to Convert RAW format into JPEG format it also supports all major photo formats
Face finder - this application can find a similar faces through the internet automatically by configuring the search button.

The program compatibility off this software is exclusive for any microsoft windows system and its not available in Mac and Linux operating system, a Newer version of Photoscape had been released and it supports 34 kinds of languages it includes English, Chinese, Traditional Chinese, German, Spanish, French any manylanguages it also developed there features in the newer version.
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I include here a basic toturial of photoscape:

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