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"Software reviews for actiTIME"
Actitime basic is a software that basically used for time tracking management and work group exercises, it is usually used for businesses to maximize the profitability of a certain company.
actiTIME is a Web-based Ideal Timesheet for managing projects, in the face of  billing and time tracking  it also helps employer and employees to  tracked the time that being spent.
actiTIME supports UTF-8 character set that allows users to enter data in other languages beside English.
In each Actitime user is granted an individual access rights and one of these allows the manager to enter and modify time track of other users.

Kepping track of over-and undertime and analyze the employee's performance.

it also supports both billable and billable tasks and allows the data to export to the Quick books.
Acti time can help its users to reduce daily task routine and avoid all out of efforts.
actiTime feature:
at actiTime you can register time expenses for each task and generate progress,billing overtime reports and expor data for further use.
Time Tracking Comments report -
it generates reports with user comments to their time track and provides the users costumers with the detailed information on the completed work.
Ristricted Access to other users Time track -
this feature can prevent other user from seing data that the other user entered.
Configurable starting Day -
you can set any day to be the first working day nf the week by configuring
the tool.
Lock Time track from modifications -
actiTime has this feature to keep users data safe by submitting timetrack for further situations like when users edit there data after it has been used for billing.
Usability Improvements
it generates reports on several selected customers and projects.
you can visit actiTIME site for more info and download.

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