Windows 8 review

 Software review  for"Windows 8 extreme"
Ever since the windows 7 ultimate has been released to the market. Microsoft Company did not stop working for the next windows Operating system.
So it keeps me in mind to take up this article, it include here the  new features of  the next microsoft windows and other information about there latest Windows 8 Extreme edition.

After launching windows 7 there are a lot of  rumors i heared. saying what will be the next Windows Operating System. will be released by the Microsoft Company after a years. so i done a simple research for there next project. by now microsoft still developing the windows 8 which is the latest emprovement of windows 7. it was made much more easier to use than the previous version.
"Windows 8 Extreme" is the system based final of windows has a lot more features than the previous windows.

 It includes here the new tile based start screen,it is  a program shortcut displayed in the home screen of windows8, a rectangular program interface similar to the icons.
HTML and Javascript based Windows Application,
windows 8 is now supporting a new application model with HTML 5 and Javascript as the native programming language. HTML 5 application will be able to take advantage of the new UI model introduced in windows8 it also supporting technologys like .NET,Silverlight and WPF.

 It includes also new windows 8 themes
new start button
new 3d cursor
new high definition system icons
new user accounts pics
new windows scheme sounds
new logon screen
and a lot more stuff that you could enjoy! :).

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