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How to Setup Remote Desktop - Windows 7

Curious about remoting your Desktop? I made this guide here to share to my fellow novices my ideas about Setting up Romote Desktop windows 7 . This guide will help you how to process your windows 7 computer to handle Incoming Remote Desktop Connections from authenticated users and how to connect to a remote computer. lets proceed to the 1st step.

step 1:
open start menu then go control panel tab and click System and Security tab
step 2:
after clicking System and security tab click allow remote acces under System tab
step 3:
after clicking allow remote access
select allow connections only from computers running Remote Desktop With new Network Level
Authentication under Romote Desktop. the click apply
you can also choose allow connections from computers running any version of Remote Destop
if you like to connect computer that does not support network Level Authentication code.
step 4:
Click on the Seclect Users button and click the Add button in the Remote Desktop Users windows
Step 5:
Click advanced button in the Select Users windows, Then Click on the find now button to locate
the user that would like to grant access to vua Remote Desktop, click on the user and click OK when done
Step 6:
one your done Click Ok 3 times to Exit all of the dialog boxes.
now your Windows 7 Desktop is now ready to be connected via Remote connection

now your done setting up your Remote Desktop let procide to the next step.

how to connect to a Remote Desktop:
Just follow this steps of how to connect to a remote desktop

1st step:
Click your start menu - all programs - accessories - Remote Desktop Connection
step 2:
now Type the address of the remote computer in the Compute - text box, then click Connect
you can to a computer located on your network
step 3:
then sign on to the Computer when prompted for credentials
after wards your done Connecting your to a Remote Desktop .

thanks for tunning in to my topic today

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